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A Bronx Tale

             There are many issues of conflict in American society. In the movie, A Bronx Tale, lives a community that deals with these conflicts. The main characters in the movie are Lorenzo Anello, his son Calogero Anello, and Sonny. Between the three of these Italian people, there are many obvious conflicts throughout the movie. There is conflict between Lorenzo and Calogero, and there are conflicts between Lorenzo and Sonny. There is also conflict between the ethnic groups that live in the city, as well as the conflict between the community and Sonny. .
             A Bronx Tale is about a young boy, from an Italian family, growing up in the city in the 1960's. The young boy is Calogero. He witnessed a killing by a man named Sonny who was the boss of a group like the mob, who usually hung out in the bar on the corner of Calogero's street. They killed a man that was taking a parking spot from the guy that knew Sonny. Calogero was questioned, and he didn't say anything about the person who killed the guy. He never understood if they were really fighting over the parking spot, or if it was something else. His dad told him that he "did a good thing, for a bad man." He lied for a man because he as well as the rest of the people in the community feared him. "The worst thing in the world is to be a rat, and I wasn't a rat." Calogero was told after that by his father, Lorenzo, to never go into the bar on the corner because the things that go on in there are dangerous. His father told him that when he got older, he would understand why it isn't safe to go into that bar. Calogero was very close to his dad and looked up to him a lot. They went to Yankee games because Calogero was a very big fan of baseball. His idol was Mickey Mantle. .
             The man Sonny, who killed the guy on the street, became friends with Calogero, even though his father told him to stay away from him. Calogero got very close to this man, and he learned a lot from him.

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