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Prejudice and Stereotypes in A Bronx Tale

            Growing up, I only had interest in guys that were African-American. This reason is because I knew I would feel uncomfortable dating someone who had lighter skin, and spoke differently from me, so I wouldn't even bother thinking about dating someone outside of my ethnic circle. It is so much easier dating someone who is African-American because whether you're a light-skin or dark-skin African-American, you still get the same treatment from everyone else who are against interracial relationships. Some may say that it is racist to only date people in your own race, but its honestly better. During the slavery period interracial marriages were illegal, and slaves were not able to get married either. Though there were freed slaves, which was very rare, they weren't able to marry outside of their race, but during that time it was okay for slave owners to rape and molest Black slaves. Some may feel that just because people would rather date someone within their own ethnic circle are considered to be racist, but thats really not the case. Dating inside your ethnic circle would be better when it comes to raising children because family traditions and values wont be lost. Dating someone outside of your race could jeopardize family traditions, practices and values due to negligence of keeping everything sacred. Though some people may be open to dating outside of their ethnicity; however, its understandable why some people may feel differently towards interracial relationships because it can lead to distress, decline in economic status and disownment while trying to preserve family traditions, cultures, beliefs and values.
             The text that inspired this paper is the film A Bronx Tale. This film inspired me to write this paper because though the film took place in past times, the dilemma of discrimination still continues to appear in everyday lives today. The main character Calegero lived in a time where African-Americans and Italians, like himself despised each other.

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