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The symbolism of green and white in The Great Gatsby

            Explain the significance of the symbolism [green light, white, ect.] and how it can be linked to technique and meaning.
             Colours are used in a symbolic way throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott. Fitzgerald and green and white are the most predominately used colours in this way.
             The green light is used within the text used to symbolize Gatsby's hope for gaining money, success and acceptance, as well as hope that he will have a chance of getting back together with his long time love Daisy Buchanan.
             Money is also symbolized in the green light because it is the colour of the American dollar bill, something Gatsby values greatly and wants more of. Gatsby is also searching for success and acceptance within the higher class of the 1920's and money will help him in these aspirations.
             The colour green itself represents serenity, and is often used to represent that everything is calm and perfect, a sign that Gatsby should not strive to get Daisy back because his chance has been and gone.
             Contradictory to the last representation of the green light, it could also symbolize the word or action "go" as many people recognize the colour green with the green light within a traffic light. So this representation is possibly giving Gatsby that it is a good idea to go ahead with trying to gain status in society and rekindle his love with Daisy without hesitation.
             The green light is important within the novel because it is a symbol of hope in regards of Gatsby's hopes and dreams of increasing social standings and winning Daisy back.
             The colour white is used throughout the novel, it is a colour often used in life to symbolize purity, and innocence. White is often related to Daisy, such as when Nick first mentions when he sees Daisy at her home in East Egg that Daisy is wearing a white dress. Daisy's clothing always includes white, she has a white car and even regards to her childhood as "our white girlhood was passed there.

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