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English teacher

            I have always dreamed of becoming a language teacher, for many different reasons. Since I was young I have been very interested in languages. .
             I am relatively new in Canada, so I had to undergo all the newcomers" perplexities. Therefore, I can better relate to a student learning English as a Second language. Knowing the language is very nice, but sharing your knowledge with others is more rewarding.
             First of all, I have been interested in languages ever since I was young. My Father was Hungarian, my Mom Slovak and we lived near Austrian border. Because I started to pick up all these languages relatively fast I decided to follow up my ability and languages become my mean interest. In High School we had to study Russian. Later on in University I studied Italian, English, Latin and Greek. Especially the last two, gave me a deeper insight into grammar and language structure. .
             Secondly, I can better describe another language to the students. I have learned many languages with different structure and syntax. So, I can use different approaches to explain the linguistic essentials. I have never stopped learning languages. Even now, I am furthering my English and learning Hebrew. Who knows which will be the next?.
             Additionally, As a new immigrant I can relate to students learning English as a Second language. I can share my own learning experiences and show them how I solved the problems, which I encountered while learning English. I will be able to point out the difficult grammar and spelling topics by making them more accessible, and giving them hints how to get use of all possible language tools that surround them, i.e.: TV, Internet, Newspaper etc. .
             I know that becoming a good teacher takes a lot more than just being dedicated to languages; but, I think I am ready for this challenge and can do it. I assume that my interest in languages and my previous experiences are good essentials in becoming a successful language educator.

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