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Death of a salesman

            Death of a Salesman in Relation to the American Dream.
             In "Death of a Salesman" (1976) by Arthur Miller, the author describes the great tragedy .
             which the American Dream can cause. Through the duration of this play all goals were based on .
             the ease of becoming wealthy and successful. The dreams of having the perfect life were cut .
             short when reality settled into the Loman family's life. When great disappointment is brought .
             upon a family in struggle, the hope in one's eyes fade away. .
             All the characters throughout this play represent a part of the American Dream. Willy .
             Loman is a traveling salesman who obsesses over the possibilities of the American Dream. He .
             believes in the simplicity of becoming rich and successful. Throughout his life he has become .
             unsuccessful in achieving the American Dream, so he raises his sons to strive for what he could .
             never conquer. Willy begins to lose touch with reality as he comes to grips with the realization .
             that the goals which he has engraved in his sons minds, have not been fulfilled. .
             Linda Loman is Willy's caring and patient wife. She is perceived as the care-taker in the .
             family. Her views on life and the chase of the American Dream are much more realistic than .
             Willy's unrealistic views. Linda is the support of the family, and at times Willy's fantasies. In .
             addition, her reality is the most stable throughout the play. She knows the importance of work .
             and effort in order to achieve the American Dream. .
             Biff Loman is Willy's oldest son. Throughout high school he was very successful, and .
             Willy always believed he would be the one to conquer the American Dream. But when Biff .
             discovers his fathers infidelity, the dreams which his father engraved in him are lost. Biff is lazy .
             and unsuccessful in his fathers eyes. Biff is in search of himself, and believes traveling out West .
             is the answer. He believes traveling to the West will help in the search of himself and .

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