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Cars and Acid Rain

             On freshly painted vehicles damage to automotive paints and other coatings can happen. It is mostly on dark colored vehicles, and the only way to spot it is under fluorescent lamps. Most damages are caused by environmental fallouts, whether it is acid rain, bird dropping, pollen, or tree sap. But, acid rain scars automotive coatings. Acid rain is both dry and wet deposition of acidic pollutants that can damage auto finishes and other surfaces of materials. Acid rain occurs when fossil fuels and coal are burned, and what they release mixes with the oxidants and water vapor in the atmosphere, and convert into nitric and sulfuric acids. Then as they fall towards the earth they mix with rain, fog, snow, or other things. Car coatings are damaged from all sorts of acid rain, but mostly when dry acidic deposition is mixed with dew or rain. Some ways to minimize the occurrence are to wash your car often and hand dry it, cover your car with a hood, and use protective coatings that can protect the original coatings or finish. Industries that do automobile coatings know about the damage from acid rain, and they are trying to come up with a way to stop the damage it does to cars. But until then you should try some of those ways to minimize the occurrence of acid rain damage.
             I think that the article did a good job explaining what acid rain is, and what it can do to damage your automobile. Acid rain has not really affected my family's vehicles, but that could be because my dad is a fanatic about washing his car, and drying it by hand. When technology does invent a coat you can put on car paintings I think many people will go out and buy it, only if it is a reasonable price though. Everyone should have a nice car.

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