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             A Bakery Chief designs cake for people for their :birthday, weddings anniversaries, grad night, just to eat, party, celebrations, est. Bakery Chief does cake shows .a cake show is where you bake a cake then decorate it and then it's judged. .
             We also prepare bread, rolls, muffins, and biscuits, cakes, cookies, pies, and pudding, sauces and desserts according to the recipes. Checks daily production schedule to determine variety and quantity of goods to bake. Measures ingredients, mixes cake recipes, tortes recipes, make assorted pastry creams and filings. Make cookies dough recipes and bake all above items. Adjusts drafts from oven and places goods on cooling rack. May bake pies, cake, and other pastries. Cleans and sanitizes and keeps in working order all tools and equipment used in pastry making.
             Bakery Chief salaries varies from state to state depending on the type of bakery you chose work at and how much training you get in your field. You can attend a school of Culinary of Fine Arts and get your degree. .
             I choose this career because I enjoy baking and cooking all kinds of food but I most enjoy baking desserts. I hope to one day open up my own bakery shop and supply the city stores and restaurants where I live with all their bakery needs. I would like to bake wedding cakes for weddings, birthdays, and for any special occasion. I would also enjoy competing in cake shows. .
             Then when I"m ready to retire I hope to be able to write a book on my experience to help anyone else that might want to open up their own bakery business.

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