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Evolutionary Trends

            During the land collision of the major continents 375 million years ago, the current day Appalachian Mountains were formed. The results of the land collisions were that mountains formed when the North American, African, and European tectonic plates collided. The reason the mountains were formed was because wherever there is a force, the pressure must be released. In the case, the pressure went up to created mountains.(2). When these land masses separated, the North American plate continued to push into the European plate causing more mountains to form. The mountains formed as a result are the Norwegian mountains (1). The continent continued to move until it formed Pangea 200 million years ago. The continents only truly broke apart when a small crack gave way to water. The water then started to break up the super continent to give way to the current day Europe and North America (3).
             Three hundred and fifty years ago much change was brought upon this world with the Devonian extinction (5). The cause of the Devonian mass extinction has been narrowed down to two possibilities The first possibility was that the glaciation ta was going on cooled down the seas too much and warm temperature species died because they could not adapt. This massive glaciation was very similar to the cause of the Permian mass extinction. Another theory on the cause of the Devonian mass extinction was due to a meteorite impact. However, the reliability of the meteorite is unreliable, and it is under heavy debate among scientific community (6). Also, during this time, over one-fifth of marine families and over one half of all marine genera died out in a 10 million-year span. Climate ans sea-level changes doomed many types of corals, fish, and trilobites (7).The reason why so many sea invertebrates were wiped out was because land masses collided. Through adaptation, only the strongest and well-adapted species of marine life survived (2).

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