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Fashion Fads

             Purple water splashed down into the drain as Mark washes his neatly trimmed Mohawk. As Christy strolled by she asked in a sarcastic tone, "What color is in now?" Her brother has a craving for being fashionable so he changes hair colors" weekly. Teenagers like Mark carry their own fashion trends in order to pursue the need for attention or to duplicate the fashion statements of celebrities.
             The crave for attention springs out in many teenagers and their reactions are undisciplined fashions. Whether it is body piercing, tattoos, or unnatural hair dye, teens find a way to attract attention and sure enough everyone just turns heads when they see a blue haired person or someone with a nose piercing. Attention somehow makes these teens feel so great that the more attention they get the better. Even piercing your tongue or getting a tattoo can attract attention since most people curiously look around. They want to be different from others so that they get this attention, they don't want to fit into the crowd. .
             Pink, a famous singer, has been from purple hair to pink and just about any other color. She is a big celebrity and she is liked so much by many people, this is why many teens decide to duplicate the fashions of such people in order to try and look as good as they do. A band named KISS is especially a great influence in the lives of young teens since their unusual fashions attract much attention. These band members are guys who have long hair, wear make up, and dress in long black clothing. Although this may seem crazy to many adults, teenagers find it cool and in style. Also, most basketball players and rappers are filled with body art. The tattoos look so radical on the player or singers on television so teens think that a little body art of their own won't hurt and it will look just as good on them.
             Teenagers have been on the edge of fashion since as long as we can remember and they will continue to pursue such unusual fashions.

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