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The Influence of 1920's Women's Fashion

            The era of the 1920's has been remembered as the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties, the decade long party, and the Age of Intolerance. No matter what it was called though, nearly every driveway had a Ford Model T, the family radio was the main form of entertainment, and the first talking motion picture was created. However, the topic that was hot throughout the twenties was the significant change in women's fashion. .
             Fashion is shaped and influenced by the society and events which surround it. Society was speeding up, women were given the right to vote via the 19th Amendment to the constitution on August 26th of 1920 which may have been the direct cause to the drastic change in women's attire, accessories, and hairstyles; women felt free. So free that nearly every woman, no matter their status in society-began to make their own clothing at home. They did this with the help of design samples, easy to work with fabric, and dress forms specific to each individual body shape.
             Women's fashion in the twenties was controversial and looked upon with disapproval by the conservative men and women of the decade who were unforgiving to change. This was likely because most women began wearing short skirts and sheer stockings. In 1925, skirts rose an alarming 14 to16 inches from the ground, the ankle and even the knee was exposed for the first time in history. Furthermore, bar shoes and T-bar shoes were all the rage. These shoe styles were popular because women could dance without them slipping off and they had a sleek look that was sure to be noticed.
             Dresses of the time period either hung straight or flared at the hip as young women of the twenties were most often described as boyish as they were abandoning the popular curves of early generations for straight lines, loose fits, and flat chests. .
             Along with rising hemlines and rapidly changing shoe and dress styles, women wore flashy evening attire out dancing which included beading, fur, feathers, flowers and lace.

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