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Shell Oil in Nigeria

             Nigeria is one of the best in terms of natural resources. The country gained its independence in 1960. Since then it has been ruled primarily by military dictatorship. Yet, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. It was an oil rich country. Its oil was the best of oil in all the oil producing nations. The oil found in Nigeria needed little refining. As is the case with many oil-rich developing countries, oil reserves have proved a mixed blessing for Nigeria. Oil production for export has been by far the main source of revenue for the government. Hundreds of billions worth of crude oil have been extracted from the Niger Delta wetlands, earning huge profits for a privileged few, while virtually robbing the affected communities of both life and livelihood. The people of the Niger Delta region have seen few benefits from the large-scale operations carried out by the oil company in their communities, and despite the vast wealth produced from the oil found under the Delta, the people in the region remains poorest. .
             From an environmental point, Oil corporations in the Niger Delta seriously threaten the livelihood of neighboring local communities. Due to the many forms of oil-generated environmental pollution evident throughout the region, farming and fishing have become impossible or extremely difficult in oil-affected areas. Organized protest and activism by affected communities regularly meet with .
             military repression, sometimes ending in the loss of life. In some cases it seems that the military forces have been summoned and assisted by oil companies. .
             The Shell Corporation and its stakeholders have an inseparable relationship. The firm interacts with society in a variety of ways, and the company's relations differ with different stakeholders. It would seem to me that Shell was more concern with their primary stakeholder such as investors, competitors and creditors, and less concern with the secondary stakeholder which would be the people who lived in the community, and the different social activist groups.

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