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            Tentative thesis: Alzheimer's is a disease without a cure that affects the individual and others around them.
             Points: .
             I. Who knows what it is?.
             A. Does anyone know someone with Alzheimer's?.
             B. Is this someone you"re close to or spend time with?.
             II. What is Alzheimer's?.
             A. This particular illness makes it hard for a person to think, remember and use language. It can cause them to act differently or seem moody. After a while tasks like using the phone or cooking can become more increasingly difficult. .
             B. Alzheimer's gets worse over time, it is important for people who know someone with the disease to have an idea of what to expect. .
             III. Who are the people that get Alzheimer's?.
             A. Alzheimer's can occur in both sexes and equally among any race, although it is dominant with older adults. Unfortunately the disease is thought to be a natural aging factor. This is not true. Alzheimer's can be treated most effectively if detected in its earlier stages.
             IV. Aricept is a medication that can help slow the effects of Alzheimer's.
             A. Aricept is a once a day drug for Alzheimer's disease. .
             B. This drug is used to help people maintain their ability to think and function properly even while diagnosed with Alzheimer's. By taking Aricept, people can stay independent and active for time Alzheimer's would steal away. It has helped people with this disease keep their memory longer. As a person gets older, their memories are what make life seem worth it.

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