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            In today's society there are many diseases.
             medical breakthroughs many of these diseases are treatable and.
             somtimes curable, but in the case of alzheimer's disease there is no.
             way to prevent this disease and there is no recovery. Many questions.
             are asked about this disease such as: What is alzheimers disease?.
             Who gets alzheimers disease? Are there any cures? What causes.
             this disease? Countless research has been done to answer questions.
             such as these but only theories from researching many individuals.
             has been found and yetthere is still no answer to this horrible disease.
             Although alzheimers is a terrible disease and has yet to be cured and.
             its effects on the imeadiate family is just as cruel.
             What is Alzheimer's Disease?.
             Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder.
             that affects the brain. The first noticeable symptoms are loss of.
             memory, inability to think and understand and gradual changes in.
             behavior. Slowly and inexorably, the disease attacks nerve cells in all.
             parts of the cortex of the brain as well as some of the surrounding.
             structures, thereby impairing a person's abilities to govern emotions,.
             recognize erors and patterns, coordinate movement and most of all.
             remember. At the last part of the disease an afflicted person loses all.
             memory and mental functioning. The alzheimers patient will.
             eventually die from this disease usually within 8 years of the first.
             symptoms being detecte, although a person may live up to 20 years.
             with this disorder. (Smith 82).
             What causes Alzheimer's Disease?.
             Two signifacant abnormalities occur in the brains affected by.
             people affected by alzheimers: twisted nerve cell fibers, known as.
             neurofibrillary tangles and a sticky protien called beta amyloid. When.
             the neurofibrillary tangles are twisted they are the damaged remains.
             of microtubules, the support structure that allows the flow of the.
             nutrients through the neurons or (Nerve cells). A mutated form of a.
             protien known as tau is found in these tangles.

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