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Song of Solomon

             In Toni Morrison's book, Song of Solomon, Toni created a theme of unhealthy male/female relationships and false standards of beauty. The unhealthy male/female relationship in this novel is between Milkman and Hagar. Toni Morrison also created a character like Hagar to comment on the false standards of beauty. Hagar has formed a false image in her head of what Milkman's ideal woman would look like, and as a result, she kills herself trying to become that ideal woman for Milkman. .
             The way Milkman and Hagar met was when Guitar who is Milkman's older friend, took Milkman to visit Pilate Dead's home who is a sister to Macon Dead II (Milkman's father). They continued going to Pilate's house for a while. They talked a lot, Milkman learned about his family's history from Pilate. She told him of when she and his dad were little kids he was a nice boy, and he saved her life twice, once when her father died and they were stuck in the woods. Milkman's father told Milkman not to trust Pilate and that she was a snake. One day at Pilate's house her granddaughter Hagar came to visit and met Milkman, when they were introduced Milkman as Hagar's brother, then Reba (Hagar's mom) corrected Pilate and called said he is her cousin. Hagar and Milkman met when Milkman was only a little boy at the age of twelve, and Hagar was seventeen. From the first time Milkman saw Hagar, he fell in love with her muscular figure. He remained in the world of puppy love until Guitar took him to his first Southside party and he found out he was attractive with other girls of his own age and his own neighborhood, which tested Milkman's faith to Hagar to resist other beautiful youthful females. .
             It is the Christmas time of the year, and Milkman does his Christmas shopping as he always does, the day before Christmas Eve at the Rexall drugstore. It takes him fifteen minutes to get the gifts for his family and then tries to find something for Hagar.

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