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Early history of domesticated plants

             From the beginning as scientist have tried to figure out when and how people tried to domesticate plants. First of all plants just did not start off at once just becoming farmed once they found out that a particular plant is useful. Humans had to experiment and test out what plants are good to eat and what is not good to eat. It took years for humans to try and domesticate plants.
             One of the first ways that people used to find out what plants were good and what wasn't, was by their size of the fruit or thing that is edible and it the plant had a bitter taste to it. If the plant was big enough to eat from and didn't have much of a bitter taste then humans would use that plant more often to eat from and that caused them to try and find and make more of these plants. This caused natural selection for plants to start. For instance, we see much bigger strawberries that are about ten times bigger than they once were because it is obvious that you would pick the bigger strawberry than picking the smaller one. That would cause the smaller strawberries to have a harder time to grow with everyone always picking the bigger ones that caused the seeds to spread out and be more populated. By plants also having seeds that can be transported by birds feeding on it or by floating across the ocean it can give them a chance to try and grow other places where other animals might encounter this plant and like it. With having a hard and bitter taste to the seeds, the animal will know not to eat it or spit it back out so the seed will stay there and grow. Plants also mutate as it can travel from place to place. Plants have to try and mutate with a difference in the climate that surrounds them in order to survive. Also, some mutation involved the plants try and germinate in order to grow. An example is the peas. They were enclosed in a pod and in order to germinate they needed to get out of the pod.

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