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The tale of a dreamer-a reaction on Don Quixote de la Mancha

             It is during a person's sleep when his fantasies find their most rightful place. Where princesses and princes in their bejeweled majesty dance in masked balls, where Romeos find their Juliets, and every lonely heart finds comfort. But with Don Quixote's story, the dreams are part of awake, where every day routine mingles with his adventures, and the real world, a witness to his fantasies. .
             Don Quixote's tale is a story filled with sad truths and whimsical thoughts. His belief in his books and the stories of knights rescuing damsels in distress, of warriors fighting against evil powers, was portrayed by the actor with an air of disarming innocence. I could even see my own "lolo" in him. Don Quixote is a man who, in his age, sees the world not as a tired and rotten place, but as a valley ripe for his adventures. And he goes out to the world without hesitation, with his rusty armor, and a trusted friend, to live out the adventures in his imaginative mind. With courage and enthusiasm, he faced the giants in the fields, and he fought valiantly. He freed people from their chains. He gave honor and pride to his beloved Lady Dulcinea, whose beauty and charms remained in his mind and served as his inspiration. For Don Quixote de la Mancha, everything was real. The windmills weren't windmills. The inn was a real castle, and he himself, was a knight. .
             But to the cruel, heartless world, there was no room for dreams in everyday life. It seems that reality was harsher to people who knew how to "live their dreams." For the time that Don Quixote lived out his fantasies, he was the subject of ridicule. There was even a time that his good friend, Sancho, who was also with him during his adventures, could not see the world as he does. He along with the others, shrugged his shoulders at Don Quixote de la Mancha, and believed the old man to be mad. Even his family, thinking that his thirst for adventure would not do him any good, set him up so that he could be brought home.

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