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             Archeology .
             This is an interesting topic to me because not to long before I got the assignment I saw the movie Timeline with my friend Collin. In this movie there were a lot of archaeological things happening. I thought that was interesting because it is amazing how people can find little artifacts and determine how important they are. The movie was a good example on how technology, such as computers, are valuable to archaeology. Archaeology started back in the 1700's when some people would just search around the land and find little objects. Then in the 1800's archaeology became its own field of study. In the 1900's they started developing new ideas and tools to use, and now computers are one of the most recent things archaeologists will use, as a man named Hester stated in an article. The importance of archaeology is the findings and what they mean. With the findings archaeologists have gathered, really good information has been able to uncover ancient things that help with the studies of today.
             Computers are used for excavation in the measurement of artifacts, also for systematic analysis. This all means that the measurement of artifacts is being able to find an artifact and then enter into the computer then find everything about it. Systematic analysis is when the computer software breaks down an object and can tell what is in it and if it is important or not based on what the computer uncovers. When archaeologists use computers they make less mistakes, practically none. The most popular item used in archaeology is the microcomputer. It is used as a database to record artifacts and photography. This is stated from a reporter named Melymuka. .
             According to an archaeologist, Ostling, one of the biggest stories in archaeology at the time is the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeologists found scrolls that have ties to the bible and seem to be important.

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