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October Sky

             A very debatable topic is that of religion. It is known that one does not have to discuss their own religion nor the reasons as to why he/she feels that way. But it is known that two of the most common religions, Judaism and Christianity, put belief in one collection; the Bible. At one point in time people were persecuted for speaking against the Bible. But recently a new type of archeology has raised, that being the "New Archeology". Scholars Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman use their extensive research to revise the common belief that the Bible is a historical and factual map of events that took place even before 10th century B.C., and put forth the idea that the Bible is a story written by later powerful figures of the 6th and 7th centuries B.C. The main thesis for "The Bible Unearthed" is explored through new perspectives and methods and brings forward the illegitimacy of the Bible, including the failure of proving the era of the patriarchs, the Exodus and the conquest of Canaan.
             Through the methods of the "new archeology", new ideas were conveyed by Finklestein and Silberman. These methods include looking at evidence found at sites for itself, on its own. Also, they have more careful archeological techniques (such as carbon 14 dating) and with the idea of pottery style A in layer B of site C. Also, total environments are looked at rather than just the item and how it would fit into one's thesis. Somewhat the authors have an idea of "speaking from silence", that is not having a thing to say and letting the actual evidence speak for itself. .
             The first aspect of the Bible in which Finklestein and Silberman discuss is the era of the patriarchs. Archeologists have been very unsuccessful in proving the era of the patriarchs due to the fact that the dates and backgrounds do not match those of real history. For one, the dates of the patriarchs (such as birth and death dates) are not reasonable.

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