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Hobson's choice

             The play "Hobson's Choice" writen by Harold Brighouse, is all abouta family who owns a boot shop. Henry Horatio Hobson, who is father of Maggie, Vicky and Alice, is an alcoholic and spends most of his time at the pub. Vicky and Alice stay in the shop mostly to attract customers, but it Maggie who does all the work. One day fed up of the way she is treated, she seizes an opportunity to leave, set up her own business and get married.
             In this essay I intend to show how Maggie is more than a central character who manages things for other people and always gets her own way.
             Maggie is the sort of person who is efficient and takes oppertunities when they come along. She thinks on the moment and makes do with the things she has.
             Maggie is very pushy and you can see this when Albert Prosser comes into the shop. Albert comes into the shop only to speak to Alice. Maggie sits the man down and demands he buys something or he will have to leave. Albert wants to buy a pair of shoelaces but Maggie takes his boots off and has a new pair on his feet before he has a chance to stop her. Maggie sells Albert the boots for the price of one pound and has the old boots repaired and sent to him with the bill. I think this shows Maggie is pushy and strong minded.
             Maggie can do anything she wants to when she puts her mind to it and when her father tells her and her sisters that he is fed up with their uppishness and wants Vicky and Alice to get married she is annoyed at the fact that he believes her to be too old to get married. This makes Maggie even more determind to find a husband so she goes into the shop and askes the shoehand. Maggie eventually persuades the shoehand, Willie Mossop, to be herhusband and Maggie goes off to tellher family. I think this proves that Maggie can do anything she wants and that she's even more likely to succeed if somebody thinks she will fail.
             Lastly, Maggie thinks on the spur of the moment and is always able to help others.

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