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The Search for Truth Using Logic

            In the search for truth most people engage in reasoning to solve there problems. Depending on there scenario they may choose between several different types of reasoning including but not limited to rhetoric and standard logic. Rhetoric however, does not necessarily search for truth but is concerned with whether the argument is persuasive or not. Logic, and in particular standard logic, determines truth and allows us to avoid error when solving our problems. There are several different ways in which to subdivide logic in order to find truth from statements that argue a certain perspective. In this paper I will break down logic by describing the standard logic process used to evaluate an argument that searches for truth in a given problem. I use this process to determine when I am facing rhetoric or inductive logic. This can help reduce wasting resource on solutions that only have the likelihood of being right instead of being certain. .
             To start with there are two basic branches of logic. The first deals with finding certainty from the evidence presented and is called deductive logic. The second tries to find the most likely outcome to the evidence presented and is called inductive logic. Both of these processes can further be divided into Formal or Informal logic. When logic has been described as formal, it means that evidence has been broken down into a symbolic language that can make evaluations easier. Informal means that the evidence has been separated into premises and conclusions but has not been converted from the English form. .
             So how do you find truth? Additionally, again there can be another distinction made within logic that separates it into either standard or non standard logic. Since we are concerned with finding the most certain truth from the evidence presented we will concern ourselves with explaining standard logic. The main difference with this distinction of standard and non standard logic lies with the assumptions.

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