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Story of an hour

            The Story of an Hour is an interesting story which has many different themes and images. Within all those themes and images, there are three that are very important for the reader to understand. The most important one to know is the relationship Mrs. Mallard had with her husband. Others include the understanding of her inner thoughts and feelings, and the images of freedom.
             There were many clear and distinct images of freedom throughout the story. The first time the reader sees these images is when she hears of her husband's death, and locks herself in her room. While in her room, she stares out of an open window looking at the clear blue sky and the "new spring life". There are also images of a song playing and sounds of birds. All these images represent happiness and a new beginning. She feels free after a very long time.
             The relationship with her husband was not strong. She didn't love him at times, and she felt that he never looked upon her face with love either. She was a strong minded woman, but she felt very repressed with him, and felt she had to bend her will just because she was a woman. She didn't hate him either because she knew she would cry when she saw his dead body.
             Understanding how she feels on the inside makes the whole story come together in the end. When she first hears of her husband's death she starts to cry, but at that point the reader doesn't realize that they"re tears of joy. That point is understood after she locks herself in her room, and has the emotional conflict within her. In the end, it's ironic that the doctors say she died of joy that kills when the reader clearly understands that it's the exact opposite.
             In conclusion, The Story of an Hour is a very interesting story. The story was not complex, and the themes and images were pretty clear and easy to understand. The conclusion of the story was brilliant and brought everything together smoothly.

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