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The Impact of Divorce to Our Childrens Futures

            The Impact of Divorce to Our Childrens Futures.
             Our society has changed in many decades. The normal family unit a few decades ago would consist of a mother and father with children. Today it's more common to see a divorced family. Many children in the U.S. are products of divorced parents. Children are torn apart when their parents get a divorce. Divorce can affect children in many ways, including producing feelings of depression, guilt, denial, anger, insecurity and aggression. The percentage of children from broken homes who display violent tendencies is higher than that of children with both parents living at home. .
             People need to do something that could change the system in our society, which could benefit a good result and positive outcome in our childrens future. People should vote and file a petition to change the system of our government that married couples should be prepared and do some kind of community services regarding child-rearing, or propose a town meeting that will discuss a healthy relationship that will benefit their role as parent and as husband and wife as well. This proposal will help the husband and wife plan ahead before planning to raise children of their own. .
             Children who live in intact families are emotionally stable, have more parental guidance, and are most likely to be happy, content, and likely to succeed in the future. The importance of having two parents in a child's life has a great impact on their behavior and personality. The emotional and financial support gives positive physiological and psychological needs and proper establishment in our childrens future. One parent cannot fulfill the role of the other parent. The older kids don't have parental guidance and the younger children will spend more time in daycare due to all the work a single parent has to do to provide the physiological need of the children.
             Our society should take the blame for the high divorce rate in this country.

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