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Why Teenagers Want to Work

             Teenagers are greatly pushed to work. The main reason is that they are looking for freedom and independence. They also want to earn money. Moreover, due to the economic plight in Today "s World, they sometimes must help financially their families. Teenagers can benefit from working. Indeed, it gives them experience and it's good overview of the market for the future. However, adolescents may find it hard to manage their studies and at the same time their work. .
             Teens is what we call as "in-between", meaning that a child, who is a personification of innocence, will not always listen to their parents' advice without any second thought. And it is during this time that their lives get moulded for the future. They have deep desire to make decisions and they want their parents advice and guidance and above all understanding of their problems. This is one of the happiest and also difficult period in one's life. .
             During this period, teens are more likely to go out. They feel like doing whatever they want without obeying anybody. It's the edge for rebellion. That's why we consider a large number of teens in the workforce. They feel that they can accomplish something by working. They are useful to the society. In this way, they become entirely citizen. .
             Indeeed, they get recognition from people and at the same time respect. These are the main thing a teen is searching for. It is a period during which children are developing a self independence from their parents' authority.
             One significant movie "Coyotte Ugly" shows how teenagers are ready to do everything in order to work. Actually, the main actor wants to become a singer. One day, she run way from her home so as to make her dream come true. She goes to New York and start looking for a job. She finally finds a job as a bar-woman in a pub. She works during a long period of time until she gets enough money to record her songs. After encountering many problems, she could record her songs and became a talented singer.

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