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Understanding What I Know

             Knowledge is the most powerful tool known to man. If it is ever mastered, normally it frames the future of an individual. The ability to acquire knowledge is by learning and understanding while receiving information from any kind. All humans have the capacity to adapt well to certain knowledge better than others. The reason of this is because people's interest varies from their practices each of us have in life. For example, I consider knowledge being part of making me a fine car audio installer, and to obtain this wisdom I had to practice with full interest. Then the process for installing a system in a car got easier by years, but for others, it might become complex. When I first started learning how to install a sound system it took me days of practice and time to understand instructions well, but what helped me the most, was the dedication I still have of learning more than what I already know. After all I feel confident of my self, since I use this knowledge for my part-time earnings. Not only helped me earn money but also could mean a business one day I would like ton raise. At this point, I will finally consider the shaping of my knowledge. .
             The installation of a car audio system is not as simple as many people think it is. It takes great patience throughout the entire installation procedure; otherwise it will be difficult to complete any establishing. Perhaps, the ability of dismantling and putting parts together correctly in a very minimum time is important, if anyone takes this as a career. For this type of knowledge it also considers an extraordinary sense of hearing and toning the sound for its quality, also having in mind that many people have differences inn choosing the sound quality they desire. This is why I mention it might not be everyone's best interest, for its responsibility and patience that many people do not have.
             To gain any kind of knowledge it takes more than observing and analyzing its facts.

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