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What Do I Know?

             In their pursuit for the ultimate truth about the world modern philosophers" intense focus on knowledge soon revealed various errors and contradictions in the simplest knowledge claims. After critically exploring this point with the illustrational help of a basketball it is apparent that despite whatever I hold as true of the world I really lack knowledge of both my external surroundings and myself.
             There are many things throughout the course of my daily life which I assume as true without questioning, that on closer inspection when using Decrates" method of systematic doubt reveal many contradictions and flaws. In a search for certainty it is natural to begin with present experiences from which I believe knowledge is derived from. In this case it seems that there is a circular/round object in front of me that I normally refer to as a basketball. When looking at this basketball I believe that it is an orange-like color with black lines around its surface. I also believe that the size and shape of the ball remains constant at all times. In addition to this I think that if any other normal human being were to walk into the room they would see the same basketball that is currently in front of me. It all seems so logical and without any need for questioning, except to a person like me who is searching for knowledge of the external world. Thus these descriptions must not be overlooked, for a closer discussion is required before I can be sure that what I have stated is completely true.
             Let us commence by first turning our attention to the color of the basketball. To the eye it is a dark orange that is decorated with surrounding black lines. Anyone who sees the ball will agree with the description so that it might as if no problem would occur; but as soon as I try to be more precise difficulties begin. Although I believe that the basketball is "really" of the same color all over, the parts that reflect the light look much brighter than the other parts, and some parts even look white because of light.

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