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What! I Didn't Do It

            Memories are an important part of life. They provide people a haven in which they can escape from the many problems that life brings about. An even bigger role of memories is to help a person learn from a past experience. I learned a very valuable lesson from a memory that will follow me for the rest of my life. This lesson was a character building experience for me. Memories can be used to better the character of a person.
             Reflecting back, this is undeniably the most significant character building experience I can remember; it was the first time I decided to lie to my mom. I was about four or five years old and the season had just changed from summer to fall, so the weather was starting to cool down. My mother had just bought a brand new sprinkler and was watering the lawn. I asked her if I could put on my bathing suit and run through it with my friends. Much to my disappointment, she told me no. She said it was too cold outside and she had just bought the new sprinkler because my friends and I had broken the last one. To this day I do not know what compelled me to disobey my mother. Maybe it was my friends" persistence, but more than likely, I just thought I could have a little fun, and sneak back in the house without my mother ever knowing. Little did I know that while my friends and I were having a good time running through the sprinkler, my mother was in the basement watching.
             When the fun was over, I snuck back in the house with the plan of changing my clothes before my mother came up from the basement. To my surprise she was already waiting for me when I opened my bedroom door. When she calmly asked me how I had gotten wet, I did not know what to say. I remember thinking that I could not tell her I had run through the sprinkler and broken it, especially when she had specifically told me not to. That would have been suicide! She asked me again and again, and then patiently waited for my answer.

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