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History of First world war

             There are some reasons to say that I do not agree to her opinion. First, she is saying Germany did not plot a European War, but is it true? I do not think so. Why? Because they needed the war by their self. Of course, they would not to have war if they didnt have chance, but Germany did want it sometimes, because as you could know, when we had war, we spent huge money to buy weapons. So, the war could be a one of the biggest business for few people, and if you have won you can get huge money from the other country. by the way, she said None of the Powers wanted a European War, but I dont think so, too, because as I said in the following sentence, some country wanted to have war as business. So I will tell you what happened from the begging during the war.
             At the beginning of the First world war, Assassination at Sarajevo happened at 1914, June 28th. In Sarajevo, prince was shouted by a killer. With this assassination, Austria thought this is chance for them, because they didnt like Serbia from couple of years ago. therefore, the Austria give them a strong ultimatum, and Austria tell them it has to be in 48 hours. One time, Serbia got answer for them, but Austria didnt say yes. so, in 1914, July 30th, Austria declared war proclaimed to the Serbia. But, there are no power to beat Austria in the Serbia. So, they asked to Russia to help them to beat or save them. In the time, Russia wanted money or place from another country. as you can know, the war is the one of the biggest business also, Russia thought that was chance for them. So, Russia said they will join it, but after Russia said that to Serbia, German joined it for the Serbia. At August 2nd, German demanded territory passing to Belgium, but Belgium refused. Then, Belgium declares war to France. France declared war to German, and England declared war to German, too. .
             Thus, all of important country which are in the Europe joined to the war which is going to be called First world war in 10 days.

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