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Religion thesis: Good for health or bad

            Religion has been a cornerstone of American society since the first English settlements in Virginia. Religion undoubtedly has had an effect on society. Christianity, as read in the King James Version of the bible, has many moral tenets that have endured and applied modern society. Currently, psychologists are trying to find a correlation between one's religious beliefs and mental health, however the topic is complicated. .
             On one hand Mr. Larson has argued that religion not only makes one healthier but also reduces the rate of suicide, prevent drug use, improves depression, lowers divorce rates, and enhance one's sense of well-being. While Mr. Larson believes such notions to be true, Mr. Ellis tends to believe that Mr. Larson's theory is backed by self-fulfilled experiments conducted by religious fanatics. Mr. Ellis sheds light into other studies that directly oppose Mr. Larson's and the debate over whether religion affects mental health ensues. .
             Mr. Larson commences his argument with claiming that religion and spirituality is some kind of miracle drug that makes one healthier. He firsts sites a case that correlates religious commitment with suicide. However, this case is extremely flawed. For example, how can they know how religiously committed people are when they are dead and secondly, there are too many other factors that contribute to suicide in this multifaceted society other than religion. Next he says that non-church attendees are four times more likely to commit suicide. This statement seems unusually parochial considering it only encompasses one religion, Christianity. Finally he brings up a point worth arguing by saying that religious commitment has a correlation with curtailing drug use. This very well could be true, however what sample of kids did he question? And if it is representative of the population I would be surprised because nearly every person I know has tried some kind of drug.

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