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The Origins and Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empir

            What is Christianity? Today, we think of it as one of the major religions of the world. Thousands of churches teach Christianity across America in every state. A deeper look into the history of Christianity will tell that it was not always welcome; especially in its beginnings. Christianity had many effects on the Roman Empire, including: the worship of god above the emperor, the outlaw of Christianity, and the persecution of Christians, Jews, and other Monotheistic believers.
             Christianity's main belief is that Jesus Christ was the messiah. Jesus died and rose again for the Hebrews. Christ performed miracles, healed the sick, and died on a cross for the sins of mankind. Apostles came and spread the word of Christ and told of his miracles to the world. Eventually, these Apostles came to Rome and preached to the poor. It was the poor that started the faith of Jesus and God.
             As the empire soared in populace, power, and area, the people saw the emperor as a god, as well as keeping their polytheistic gods from the Greeks and the Egyptians. Christianity would not put the emperor higher or the same standing as God.
             Rodriguez 2.
             "Because of the political instability, military and economic crisis, and the social upheavals in the Roman Empire during the third.
             Century, one of Emperor Decius" main objectives was to restore the stability of the empire's past. In early AD 250, in an effort to unite the Empire against the threat of the Gothic invasion in the Balkans and the Sassanian Persians in the East and also as an attempt to restore the old virtues of Rome, Decius commanded that all citizens of the empire demonstrate their loyalty to the state gods and his divine reign through public sacrifice." (Erickson) He set up sacrificial altars in all cities and villages and hired commissioners to supervise the execution of the sacrifices. Any citizen that would participate received written certificates to prove who performed the sacrifices.

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