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Educational odyssey

            Looking back on the last twelve years of my life, I realize how fortunate I was to have such an amazing experience. Elementary school was terrific, middle school was tolerable, and high school was unforgettable. I was influenced in one way or another by each of my teachers, whether it was intellectually or socially. Every year a new role model was introduced to me that impacted my educational odyssey. I had an outstanding support system at home as well that kept me going in the right direction. The combination of wonderful teachers, coaches, and family members all motivated me to continue on with my educational odyssey.
             As I said before, I had the privilege of learning from many remarkable teachers. I can only remember one bad experience out of numerous others, so no complaints there. Yet, there are a few educators that really stand out in my educational odyssey. The first is my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Pinker. I still visit this vivacious woman today. Mrs. Pinker taught the math and social studies subjects to my class. I looked forward to her class everyday because even though she was tough and she challenged us to think for ourselves, it was fun! Looking back, it seems as though even the most lethargic of students wanted the approval of Mrs. Pinker. She had such a passion for teaching that just radiated through her and touched every one of her students. I don't think that I have listened to a history lecture as intently as I would a storybook, since fifth grade. Mrs. Pinker would play parts and talk in accents as she read, and bring little quotes and outside information to support the chapters. I have gone to Mrs. Pinker throughout the years for advice on an assortment of things and I still leave her room feeling as confident and assured as I did eight years ago. Her class was definitely a monumental point in my educational career. .
             In high school there were many teachers I could give much deserved credit to that pushed me along and always believed in me.

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