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Mediation May Help to Prevent Future Crime

            Crime is a world-wide problem, affecting nations, states, communities, and individuals across the globe. It is woven deeply into the fabric of life in the United States. Prisons, jails, and youth institutions are overflowing; violent crime has risen alarmingly and citizens feel increasingly vulnerable in their homes, schools, and at their job sites. Crime will continue to be a major concern as the United States population growth persists, the economy remains stagnant, and a swelling, alienated underclass rejects societal standards of behavior. Even though Juvenile Hall does not deter future crime, supplementing punishment with mediation programs may enhance the Justice System's current efforts to combat juvenile delinquent behavior. First, the juvenile justice system has a rhetorical goal to rehabilitate delinquents through punitive measures. However, there are also high hopes that incorporation of the correct mediation programs, with the punitive approach, will work towards preventing crime in the future through the out the United States. Finally, the justice system plans to pay closer attention to suggestions brought forth by those who have seen firsthand what might build a stronger Juvenile Justice System.
             The most basic argument for punishment is that is preserves law and order and respect for authority. From this point of view, punishment does tow things. It upholds the law, and it prevents others from thinking they can get away with doing something without being punished. However, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations statistics, youth crime started to rise after 1974 through the early 1980's. Reported crime rates rose 201 percent during these years. These reports display that the punishment approach to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents need change once again.
             In 1993, the state of California put together a committee called The Little Hoover Commission who examined juvenile crime, its roots, and it's regulations in a seven month study.

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