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The jungle

            The Jungle is a novel written by Upton Sinclair. The jungle deals with the extreme working conditions in factories in the early 1900s, and socialism. The author purpose in this novel is to expose the truth behind the working conditions that workers suffer from exploitation and to promote socialism. The novel was written using a sequential order of events. Two of the most important themes of the story are the working conditions and socialism.
             In the early 1900s many immigrants" workers form many countries arrived into the United States all with the same thing in mind living the American dream, but they suddenly realized it was not what they expected. Every worked who was recently arrive found a job without a problem. When workers could not afford a home they could live in overcrowded boarding house, where they just slept. When workers were able to afford their own home and bought it they didn't realized they were many hidden charges in the house-buying plan and they were left with less income. In the factories working conditions were terrible, unsanitary buildings, working for nominal wage , long and exhausting hours of work. If workers got injured in the job and they didn't come back in the same conditions as they first arrived they were fired and were not able to get a job at any other place. They just wanted new workers to exploit them and when they are useless fire them. .
             Capitalism was seriously criticized in this book and was shown as something inhuman. In the Jungle many of the workers thought that socialism was the answer for all their problems. They were many groups of workers organizing socialist movements all working in the same conditions and for better payments. They thought they should own the industry. The Jungle causes a great deal of commotion in the United States, it caused the government to investigate the food industry and create the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. .

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