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Rosa Parks and Black Non-Violent Protest

            All throughout history African Americans and other races have been treated unfairly by the color of their skin. Beaten, judged, killed, and sworn at has been many of the actions that have came their way just for being what they are. One day a seamstress named Rosa Parks had enough of that and decided to stand up for her self and not let this happen to her again. Parks" individual act of rebelliousness opened a significant chapter in the civil rights movement, black non-violent protests and other leaders that believed in her beliefs. .
             Born in Tuskegee, Alabama Rosa Parks was raised by her grandparents on a farm in Pine Level. She was enrolled in the private Montgomery Industrial School for Girls. Later she enrolled into Booker T. Washington Junior High School. She soon dropped out of school at 16 years old to care for her grandma. She died around the time she dropped out and soon cared for her ill mother. On December 1932 she married Raymond Parks. A 29 year-old barber who was part of the NAACP. One year later she received her high school diploma. She got really dedicated to racial justice and improving the conditions for blacks. In 1943 she became Montgomery branch's secretary of NAACP.
             On December 1, 1955, a day that will live in the history of the struggle for racial equality. After work Parks got on to the bus and sat in the front row of the "colored section" of the back of the bus. A white man who couldn't find a seat in the "white only" section of the bus wanted Rosa to get up for him. She refused to leave her spot and stood her ground. Once her actions were firm, the bus driver called the police to come arrest her and take her to jail. A trial was set and tried. She was convicted of violating segregation laws and was fined $14 all together. Once the black community was informed of this ruling they were outraged. They decided to organize and start a boycott the next day.

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