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How to stage our countrys good to enable smooth transistions

            Our Country's good is a play which has various different scenes taking place in different setting due to the content and nature of he film. It is first taking place on a boat then on the island then various locations on the island, which heavily contrast in the mood and layout. If one was to create a production the set would take a lot of consideration.
             I feel the stage should be a simple end on stage with a slight thrust at the front of it but not eloping into the audience. This type of stage would be universal in set changes where options such as theatre in the round or traverse stage would limit how the stage could be set up. It would also be handy in the latter stages when the scenes are actually set in a theatre and it would also make it easier or lighting as they would not be disrupted by the audiences seating arrangement. I also feel that at the back of the stage there should be a large cyclorama. This again is useful in situations where mood and scene's change often. It would reflect the light to show the temperament of the scene and makes them more identifiable in a simple yet effective way.
             The first scene takes place on the convict ship and obviously it would be awkward to portray a ship on stage. I feel the best way would to have the actors loosely positioned in a triangular shape with the base upstage and a point of maybe just one character downstage. This character could be an officer and be raised standing on a crate looking out into the audience with a telescope. The sea atmosphere can also be created via lighting and sound. The sound of wind and waves could play in the background to give the sea feel and also the occasional sound of gulls. However I don't want the wind sounds to be too large to suggest there was a storm as I would have to get the actors to react to it and it would make the scene even more complicated. I would also have blue light shining across the cyclorama and an occasional flash of yellow to signify a lighthouse when the scene is coming to an end.

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