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Male Circumcision : Friend or Foe

             Circumcision has been practiced for many years. Actually nobody knows when the procedure began. Today, in the United States, 60% of male infants have their foreskin of their penis surgically removed after birth. The American Pediatric Association has recently declared that the procedure is not a medical necessity. Throughout history, people have believed that circumcision was a means of keeping the male genital clean and safe from infection. When one researches the procedure, one will find that is only one of the many reasons why circumcision has been performed. Today, many people are raising questions and posing concerns in regard to circumcision.
             The Necessity of Circumcision.
             Throughout history circumcision has been an acceptable practice. It has even been considered necessary. The questions that have been arising have good and detailed reasoning but what about the cultural and religious reasoning mentioned before? Many Jewish people have changed their views and have not chosen to circumcise their sons. This has created another controversy within the Jewish community. Many Jewish people believe that circumcision is practiced due to cultural beliefs, not religious beliefs. The American culture has brought forth the idea that circumcision is the rule. It is interesting to explore the options. .
             Biblical and Religious Background.
             In the United States circumcision is a highly controversial issue. Today many parents must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the medical procedure of their sons. Circumcision is considered essential in other cultures. Today many parents are considering the necessity of the procedure. Circumcision is the surgical procedure that removes the sleeve of skin that covers the head of the penis (the foreskin). The skin is pulled forward and cut off. The practice of circumcision has been around for at least 4,000 years (Spock , 1989). There are also reports of circumcision traced to 4000 BC Bodies exhumed in Egypt disclose evidence of circumcision.

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