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A Worn Path

             In "A Worn Path", by Eudora Welty, the main character, Phoenix Jackson, takes a long journey into town so she can bring back medicine for her sick grandson. Phoenix is a very old woman and the story describes her many struggles in detail as she makes this difficult excursion. Without Phoenix's immense dedication, verified through her actions, she will never make it to the hospital for the medicine. Phoenix demonstrates dedication to overcoming the forces of nature, loving her grandson, and dealing with society.
             Phoenix Jackson's dedication is exemplified in the way she handles her difficulties with nature. One difficulty Phoenix overcomes is keeping her balance as she walks along a log that lies across the creek on her way to town. Fearlessly, "Putting her right foot out, she mounted the log and shut her eyes, leveling her cane fiercely before her." (341) This quote clearly reveals Phoenix's dedication because not many people of her old age and frailty would have the courage to risk falling and injuring themselves as she risks here. Another obstacle that Phoenix conquers on her journey was making her way through a barbed-wire fence. "There she had to creep and crawl, spreading her knees and stretching her fingers." (341) In this statement, Phoenix once again proves her great dedication and strong will. Going through a barbed-wire fence would not be a desirable or easy task for anyone, but Phoenix does not even think twice before tackling the situation. Phoenix does not stop there however. She amazes you with her encounter with the dog too. "She was meditating and not ready over she went in the ditch, like a little puff of milkweed." (342) The dog comes out of the woods and knocks poor Phoenix off her feet. But, despite all of these setbacks, it is plain to see that Phoenix has no intentions of giving up. Due to her dedication to get where she wants to be, she will brave almost anything.

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