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Women in Movies

             In the movie "So Proudly We Hail" the women were shown as strong, caring, and nurturing. In the movie of "Double Indemnity" Phyllis was shown as a cold-blooded killer, the opposite of the women in "So Proudly We Hail." The characteristics that both these women share are the beauty they portrayed. .
             The women in "So Proudly We Hail", are herons in this movie. Their objective was to save the lives of the injured. They go beyond their own objective. For example, Olivia, sacrifices her own life in order to save all the other nurses. After a bomb is dropped onto their camp and blows up a building, Lt. Davidson runs in trying to save her fellow nurse. In doing this, she burn her hands severely. This shows how courageous women can be. The women in "So Proudly We Hail" symbolizes life. The soldiers would see these women nurse and would be reminded of their wives, sisters, mothers, and loved ones back home. The soldiers felt attached to these women due to their caring for them. When Rosemary packs her things and leaves her letters to the soldiers, a feeling of despair was felt. The nurses played a mother figured type, nurturing the wounded. .
             Phyllis is an evil woman. In "Double Indemnity", Phyllis plays a role of a cold-blooded killer. She is motivated by greed and plots to kill her husband. Walter Neffs gets mixed up in this plot. Walter Neff is the insurance salesman for her husband and later on becomes Phyllis's lover. Phyllis selfish act claims her life and Walter Neffs as well. Phyllis poisons Neff into killing her husband all for insurance money. The plot of a train accident to increase the insurance money tells how greedy they both gotten. The house setting of her house fits perfectly for her characteristic, dark and cold. My suspicion of Phyllis grew as the movie progresses. When she invites Neff to her home when her husband wasn't there, the death of the husband's last wife, and the insurance policy talk; is where my suspicion came from.

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