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movies Pretty Woman

            Throughout the years, a woman's role in society has drastically changed. In 1940, a woman's role, much like what my grandma did, may have been to stay at home, take care of the children and her husband, and not have a job outside the home. Today a woman's role in society could very well be the same as it was sixty years ago, although now, women are capable of carrying the same roles as men. Therefore many women, like my mom, have jobs outside the home. This is largely due to the Equal Rights Amendment of the 1960s. .
             In Karol Kelley's, "Pretty Woman: A Modern Cinderella," she informs the readers about the comparison of women's roles in society to how they are portrayed in fairy tales, and persuades you to believe that in the fairy tales the male gender dominates the female gender in the aspects of power and wealth. Kelley explains in her article that women are somewhat brought down in fairy tales. Ruth Bottigheimer, the author of Grimms Bad Girls and Bold Boys, agrees with Kelley by stating, "fairy tales are not beneficial to women" (Behrens and Rosen, 649). In both Pretty Woman, and Cinderella, the females are being treated harshly, and in turn are rescued at the end of the story by a handsome prince. Along with the similarities of Cinderella and Pretty Woman, there are also some differences. Pretty Woman is a more modern romance story. Kelley explains that Pretty Woman is more modernized in another aspect by stating, "Pretty Woman is modernized in it's openness toward sex" (Behrens and Rosen, 653). The roles of women in society have changed over the years; therefore women's roles in movies have changed as well. .
             According to Laurence Behrens and Leonard J.Rosen, authors of Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, you should find accurate, significant, and fair interpretation of information in a good informative article (Behrens and Rosen, 46). For Kelley's article, I will focus on one aspect of an informative article, which is significance of information.

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