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Movies the Shaped My Life

            There are many ways in which film has affected and shaped my life. I did not know much about myself and other aspects of the society until I watched a couple of films. I am an introvert and I find pleasure learning and doing things on my own. Watching films has shaped how I view the world and people around me. Similarly, there are a number of films that I have enjoyed watching, making me follow their themes to the end. Such films have provided important themes about gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and other social identities. This paper explores a number of films, their ˜messages' and how they shaped my life. In terms of gender roles, Guido is concerned that he is not able to love his women. That illuminates the issue of love and gender. The person involved is a man. Love is seen to originate from men. This part influenced me as I found myself loving for the first time that love could not pass me.
             The film titled ˒ ½' changed my perception towards myself. After watching it, I changed how I look at myself. The artist in the film attempts to disclose something personal and important to the world (Affron 42). He struggles to speak about anything philosophically profound, as he looks inwards to what constitutes the person he is. The ending of the film particularly had a greater impact. The statement "All my life's confusion. has been a true reflection of myself! I am the person I am, not who I would like to be. " In a nutshell, the life of a person is about the moments of his or her life, not the judgments based on those moments. ˒ ½' helped me change from being an indolent introvert to having numerous new friends. Similarly, I have traveled to eight states in the past six years. Besides, and I have an awesome job. I have been able to learn three new languages and considerably improved my English, even though I am still young. .
             Similarly, regarding gender, I have been able to change my perception towards women and romance.

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