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             It began innocently enough, in the 1970's. While our parents were preaching free love, smoking pot and listening to their Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix records, computer nerds had invented the first ever home computer game system, The Atari. This games system, which promoted stunning state of the graphics showed nothing more than two dimensional rectangular blocks, with a circular block representing a ball. The sole game on Atari was of course pong. .
             Today while our obese, unhealthy children, listen to their parents tell stories starting with " When I was your age, videogames- they laugh, shrug it off, and walk away, seemingly uninterested in 2-D tales of videogame past. What today's fast-food generation fail to understand is that in a way, the Atari paved the way for today's videogames. In fact, if there was no Atari, we"d still all be playing pinball machines, two-up and god forbid, recreational sports.
             The Atari-History website even referred to it as the "Big Bang Explosion" of video games. True to the theory, videogames came out like cheap semi pornographic B grade movies of today. Although there were a couple of classic gems, such as Pac-man and space invaders, most of the videogames were basic and monotonous and it wasn't until the introduction of the Nintendo entertainment system (NES) that videogames really took off.
             Who could forget the classics? - Super Mario Bros series, Donkey Kong, and of course the amazing and revolutionary Zelda series. The NES released in 1985 to western countries, totally revolutionised videogames, in terms of graphics and gameplay. Now more than ever, these games were fairly priced and readily available and it wasn't long before most households owned a Nintendo. As Nintendo gained popularity and exposure, certain family groups took notice of the seemingly graphic portrayals of violence in some games.
             Goodies trying to ruin our fun - Censorship pokes its @#%% ! * head out.

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