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Censorship of movie

            Censorship of the cinema and television is justified. There's been a struggle in whether is it right to censor or not to censor. But the question is who has the right to censor a particular movie or television program? The director of the movie? Or the government? There's no right answer to this question yet. But I personally think that it's right to censor as there are sensitive issue that we can't show it to the public. .
             The main reason we censor is fear that a movie will influence the general society, no matter the teenagers or kids out there watching. Those brutal scenes from the movies will provoke teenagers will to fighting or even worse murder as they think that fighting will resolve any problems like in the movies. Once they learn to fight, teenagers will start learning to form clan like those gangsters in the movie. Drug scenes which are likely to spark up the fire in teenagers in taking drugs. Scenes that show the drug addicts in excitement after consuming the drugs draw out teenager's curiousity in wondering whether those drugs are that good. Sexual scenes are censor too to prevent rape and harassment. For example, Fight Club and Gangs of New York, movies which are banned from showing in the screens in Malaysia. The Censorship Board of Malaysia banned those movies from coming into our cinemas because the movie promotes violence, drugs and sexuality.
             Religious beliefs are a sensitive issue that we have handled it carefully. This has been a sensitive issue for long time ago. Until now, movie producer fear to produce any movie about religious beliefs as this will cause public outrage on the movie and the public will do anything from riots and demonstration. It may lead to conflict and result in fights and for the worse, war. For instance the animation, Prince of Egypt was banned in Malaysia as the animation touched the Muslim beliefs.
             Once a movie is censored, we know it's safe to watch it with our family.

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