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             Some feel censorship is a violation of their rights. Others say censorship is a must in the violent, abusive world we call "society." Who has the right to censor? What needs to be censored? The fact of the matter is that there are many pros and cons in the music and entertainment industry about censorship. For instance, the warning label on cd's containing inappropriate material may prevent a young child from being able to purchase the album. But alternatively, the label doesn't say who the material is inappropriate for. The same goes for R rated movies, it may keep young children from being exposed to material they cannot handle at that particular juncture in their life. But what about adolescents in the age of limbo when they are old enough to make informed decisions about what they see and hear, but young enough to be told they are not able to do so. Whose job is it to decide what movies they see and what music they listen to. The ultimate charge of censorship should be the responsibility of the consumer through the monitoring of children's television viewing, through the selection of music void of offensive or damaging content, and through the overall informed decision-making regarding the mediums of entertainment we choose.
             One major area in which there is much argument on censorship is that of television. With this topic comes one central question; are children's television viewing habits the responsibility of the government or the parents? Since its invention earlier this century, television has become the most popular format for entertainment. We can be entertained, informed, and inspired by programs on television. But nowadays, television stations are becoming less restrictive about the content in their programs. More violence, profanity, and nudity than ever before graces our television screens every night. Clearly, there are things that children should not be seeing on television.

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