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            What is Information and media control? .
             Information and media control is to control the information that being release with approval from the Incident commander, government, or the person who own the information.
             What is Ownership?.
             Ownership is like the owner of something, who has the legal right to something or to control.
             What is Censorship?.
             Censorship is the ideas and information that certain persons such as individuals, groups or government find objectionable or dangerous, example like somebody saying, "Don't let anyone read this book or magazine or watch that film, because he/she objects to it!".
             How information and media control and ownership relate to censorship?.
             Three of this always comes together in the information and media.
             First is the Information and media control, without the information control it's may cause conflict and confusion whereby the information just release without any approver knowing, without ownership the information can be use and publish to every one, if there is no censorship this also may cause harm and violent to public, so information control, ownership and censorship is very important for media used.
             The information that being release should cover the ownership and censorship issues, the person who own the information can be the government, individuals and organized group.
             Most of the information is control by the government, government decide what information should be censored even though the owner of information is not the government.
             They may find some of the information should be banned because it's against some of the religion, morality, law or it's containing some violent information that can harm the citizen example, the internet which contains information about drugs ingredient so some people may try to make something that similar with drugs.
             Nowadays media like magazine, newspaper, internet, etc. are followed the censorship standard whereby different country has different censorship.

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