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Gardner Art Analysis

             Art exists as the most sophisticated and complex manifestation of human creativity. Art in its most essential form is a record of the human response to life. In a world where communication is essential part of life an artist finds that painting is one of the most primitive yet exhilarating forms of communication.
             Through a piece of art a viewer an explore the mind of the painter picking at the very meaning of that artist. Garner's meaning is viewed through a window. Literally a window in which she displays an abandoned shop window advertisement with desolate undressed mannequins that have been strewn about. This literal window can also change into a psychological window. The viewer no longer sees the mannequins as concrete objects but now can understand them as abstract thoughts.
             There are many ways for an artist to establish a craft in a piece of work. One way is through the use of color. Artists choose colors to produce a certain mood or atmosphere; to create space, light, and shadow; or to introduce symbolic associations. Using translucent and opaque oil paints, Garner creates a sense of atmosphere and light that suggests a mysterious and untamable presence. Something abstract that looms about her mind. One can only infer that this presence, with its dim disheartening and demoralizing shadow cast over the scene, stands for the artist's depression. Garner's depression now becomes the theme of her work. The viewer notices one color right away. The rare color red is used very few times in the paint. The color seems unharmonious. When something is not harmonious, it's because it has emphasis. The red color is located on the lips and finger nails of the mannequins. This conveys an emphasis on the physical elements of the artist. Garner is caught up in the exterior beauty of herself or of others. She places influence on the external but yet cannot be satisfied with herself because she is despondent.

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