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Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

             What have you learn about life in the southern state of Mississippi from reading Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
             From Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry I have learnt that life for black people .
             was harsh because white people made it so.
             For black people life was a misery because they couldn't have the same .
             treatment in public places, like a market or a store.
             In Mississippi black people are still nearly treated like slves, meanwhile in .
             the northern states of America black people were treated better, more like .
             white people. I don't know why black people, in Mississippi, were still .
             treated badly. In the southern states of America lots of people were still .
             very racist but now luckly this number of racist has decreased.
             In the book racist people are very normal, an example of these type of .
             people were; Charlie Simms, Mr. Granger, Mr. Barnett, that treated badly .
             black people at the store, he made them wait till all the white people have .
             finish. Nearly all the white people on the story, except Jeremy Simms and .
             Mr. Jamison, their layer. Jeremy is good because he likes being with black .
             people but I think Mr. Jamison is just kindly and good person with them in .
             a professional way. All these people I said before that were racist nearly .
             everyone were part of the Ku Kux Klan. They were called night men by the .
             black people because they attack at night. From the book I have learnt that .
             for black people, like the Logans, have land is nearly impossible because .
             thay had to pay the land with cotton they cultivate but every day the price .
             of the cotton was lower and that made the payment of the land even worst. .
             That's why David, the Logan father, had to go to the north states of .
             America to work in the railway and get the money they needed.
             Another example of racism is that black children had to go to the school .
             walking meanwhile white children had to go to school in bus. Also white .
             and black children had to go to two different schools, and normally the .

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