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             When asked to interview someone to test motivation hygiene theory developed by Frederick Herzberg, I wasn"t sure what it was that I was being asked to do. The person I chose to interview was Alexandra Herard; my supervisor at Circuit City. She is of Haitian decent, and was born in Haiti.
             When asked to describe a situation that occurred at Circuit City that made her feel particularly good about her work, she thought of her promotion immediately. She started out as a customer service manager, and then was promoted to an operations manager in 2000 which was a time in the company when there were a lot of managers loosing their jobs. She felt that her performance as a customer service manager entitled her to this position, but knew that she would have to not only pick up her new work load, but also keep up with the changes that were occurring within the company. This task verifies Herzberg's motivation factors. She had not only received recognition for her hard work, but also achieved a new position within the company that is more open to advancement and growth . .
             When asked to describe a time when she was disappointed or dissatisfied with her job or Circuit City, she had just had a store visit. She described to me how the visit went. How her departments were in good order, but one of the other managers" did not meet customer standings in one of their departments. This to me sounded to me like a good visit for her, but a bad visit for the other manager. But due to her position as an operations manager, not only does she have to take charge of her two departments, but also for the work the sales managers due. She was told that it was her job to keep all departments up to standings, more so with her personal ones, but still she was still responsible for the whole store which she was not aware of. This instance supports Herzberg's theory but what he calls the hygiene factor. Due to the lack of communications of job specification, the policies and administrations wrongfully discredited my manager for a fact that she was not aware of nor told about.

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