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Overview of Business Mangement

            Business Management is the career I'm interested in because it's a way of challenging myself and also it's a way of expressing my ideas. Managing your own business isn't just about being the boss and being in charge, it's also about discipline, and having discipline is one thing many don't have when entering the fashion management and as for me that's one thing I want to add into being a business manager.
             Being a business manager is all about operating your own merchandise, controlling what goes on in your store, and also promotional division. Owning your own business means you run it yourself and you're in charge of ordering garments you need, hiring salespeople, scheduling employee hours, handling customer complaints, changing displays, and keeping records. It's a lot to maintain but that's your job and your responsibility as a manager and as the head boss. As a manager you also need to learn how to put your foot down and take control over your job and not let your job take control over you. It's a very stressful job because you are doing practically everything on your own and you can't let stress get the best of you and learn to discipline yourself and only handle what you can take and don't add on to your plate if you know you can't do it, take your time and learn to limit yourself as manager in the sense that you should shouldn't stress over so much yes it's a difficult job but you should never give up if its something you know you want to do.
             To be a business manager you need to have a high education level as in a high school diploma or a college associate degree. You do need training experience to know how to own your own business, the requirements you need to maintain your store. Fashion management you need to have an eye on what will make your store pop out and catch people's eyes and figure out the trends that are going to be out and acquire extensive knowledge of target marketing.

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