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Mysteries of Mankind

             "Mysteries of Mankind" & "Orrorin Tugenesis".
             Did we as humans really evolved from apes millions of years ago. Is there a common ancestor that links hominoids and apes, and if so when did the common ancestor convert from a quadrupedal to a bipedal walker. These are just a few of the many questions that are being asked by a hand-full of scientist in these two videos that we have seen in class. It is true that we share similarities with apes, but yet we are different in ways that might have evolved in time so that we can fit a different environment. In the videos "Mysteries of Man kind" and "Orrorin Tugenensis" Lois Leaky and Dr. Martin Pickford are unrevealing evidence that leads many scientist to believe that evolution is a fact and not just a theory.
             Using all sorts of ancient evidence such as tools, small fragments of bones from animals and maybe even the common ancestor these scientist are opening our minds to what could be actual facts of evolution. It seems that with every year that passes by newer discoveries are being made in which these scientists are finding older and older bones and artifacts. It started with Lucy about thirty or more years ago; she was dated to be between 3.9 and 3.0 mya, spectacular at the time. Just recently in 2001at the location of Kenya a small group of scientist discovered 13 small fragments that include remains of a body and tools they named their discovery Orrorin Tugnenesis . They estimate that these fossils about six million years old, which would top all the other fossils that, kept topping each other after Lucy. It is believed that this is the missing link between Hominoids and Apes. If true this discovery can seal the theory of evolution as being true. But before any conclusions are made they have to be scientifically proven.
             There are three major factors that have to be proven of the Orrorin fossils. The first is the age of the fossil. is it really as old as it is said to be? Second, is Orrorin really bipedal.

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