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Night Essay

            Jewish mysticism is a belief practiced by the Jews that is often called Cabbala. This idea teaches that the mysteries of God are all around us, always within us and that the goal of religious study is to approach these mysteries and, in doing so, to better understand the mystical secrets of divine nature and of the world around us. Eliezer is a boy struggling to maintain his faith through the Holocaust. In the beginning of his experiences with the Nazi's, Eliezer did not think of them as monsters. However as the time went on and they were taken to the camp and were treated like animals, Eliezer began to lose his faith in God. As even more time passed, Eliezer lost total faith in Him. The Jews had to experience many instances where they were stripped from their pride. They were completely humiliated at the camps. In Night, Elie Wiesel portrays how the Jews remained dignified in the face of inhuman cruelty.
             Eliezer's first experience with the Nazi's was not a horrible one. To him, they did not appear to be mean or cruel at all. "Our first impressions with the Germans were most reassuring their attitudes toward their hosts was distant, but polite" (Wiesel 7). Eliezer and his family were not treated very badly until they reached the camp. The harshness of the camp got Eliezer to question his faith.
             His feelings are that if the world is so disgusting and cruel than God must either be disgusting and cruel or he just does not exist at all. As his time at the camp progressed, Eliezer began to question faith more and more. He saw things happen that a young boy should never have to see in his life time. Even the first night at camp and watching the people be hanged, Eliezer comes to grips with faith. When Moshe the Beadle asks Eliezer why he prays he answers, "Why did I pray? . Why did I live? Why did I breathe?" (Wiesel 11). Praying and asking questions is an important part in his faith. His experience with the Holocaust forces him to ask many questions about the nature of good and evil, and about whether God exists.

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