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College essay

             Discuss an activity, interest, experience, event, or achievement in your life (this could be a book, movie, or an activity or experience at work, home, or school) that has been particularly meaningful for you. .
             Essay .
             Hmm, an experience in my life that has been particularly meaningful, let me think. Well the first thing that comes to mind happened last year on the forth of July, me and a couple of friends and 2 of my cousins decided to take my dads boat out for that week so we did. We decided to go out to silver glen, it's a spring off Lake George where people go in their boats to party, get drunk, run around topless, and all that good stuff. After this particular event they banned alcohol there and the Marion county sheriff will actually stand in the trees and look through peoples cabins to make sure you don't have ANY alcohol. And if you do or if they think you do they will board your boat and give you a fine if they find anything. Any way back to my essay. So we arrived the night before the 4th we had a good time met some people ate and went to bed. The next day more and more people started to get there and it got crowded to a point where you could bearly walk around without getting in some ones way. We had a good time, one of the house boats were having a contest, "who ever took the most cloths off got a free shirt- that makes a lot of sense. Oh well. Around 1am that evening things are finally starting to die down and someone suddenly yelled for help. So everybody rushed over to see what was happening. Apparently someone had fallen into the water and was unconscious, no one knew who he was, what had happened, or if he was going to be ok. So then they put him on one of the house boats and pushed the boat near us so they could get power from our generator and have some light. Everybody was trying to call for help but since we where basically in the middle of nowhere there was no cell service out there.

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